Unboxing: Essence Make-Up Mystery Box

As a child, I really loved the excitement of receiving and opening ‘lucky packets’ – a bag filled with sweets, toys and sometimes other trinkets. Now, as an adult I still enjoy the concept but instead of sweets I prefer Make Up Mystery Boxes 🙂

So after coming across a make-up mystery box on Takealot, I knew I had to satisfy my curiosity! There were a few options, a 5 piece, a 10 piece as well as some others that are only lip products. I decided to try the 10 piece (R229) and after a few days waiting for my order to arrive this is what I got in my box:

  1. Mascara – The False Lashes Mascara
  2. Concealer – Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer (Pastel Yellow)
  3. Nail Polish – The Gel Nail Polish (87 Gossip Girl)
  4. Holographic Highlighter – Prismatic Hololighter Stick (10 Be Unique Be A Unicorn)
  5. Liquid Eyeshadow – Metal Shock Eyeshadow (04 Supernova)
  6. Eyeshadow Single – The Velvets (01 Fluffy Clouds)
  7. Lipliner – Soft Contouring Lipliner (02 Nude Painting)
  8. Eyeliner – Ectreme Lasting Eye Pencil (08 Rather Be A Unicorn)
  9. Liquid Lipstick – Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss (08 The Big Chill)
  10. Matt Lipstick – Matt Matt Matt Lipstick (07 Purple Power)
Essence Make Up Mystery Box Contents

When I add up the retail value of all the products I received, the value is approximately R450 which is double what I paid. So far, I’ve used a few of the items, my favourites so far being the mascara and liquid eyeshadow. I think I’ll end up using at least 8 of the 10 products so I think there is definitely good value.The contents of these boxes change from time to time and I assume they contain a few products that are being discontinued which is why they’re so affordable. I would definitely purchase this again but will wait at least 6 months before I order again to try ensure that I don’t get a duplicate box. (Click here to shop the Essence Mystery Box on Takealot)